The Psychology Behind Your Back-To-School Anxiety

Back-to-school (or even back-to-campus) anxiety is common. However, this year we are managing the lingering psychological impact of the pandemic. Scroll to the end for 3 tips on how to prioritize your mental wellbeing while planning your return to classes or campus!

Eco-Anxiety: Millennials, Gen Z, And A Burning Planet

This week, climate scientists issued a climate ‘code red’ for humanity. Eco-anxiety is a growing mental health concern amongst millennials and Gen Z in particular, who will directly deal with the impact of climate change. Read to the end for coping strategies on dealing with eco-anxiety!

Summer Time Sadness Is Real

Sun, sand, schools out- summer can be a joyous time. However, summertime sadness is real, and as summer winds down, we want to talk about this other form of seasonal depression/low moods. Read to the end for our coping strategies!

The Co-Dependency Dilemma

If you have spent any time on the mental health side of Instagram, you have come across the term co-depdendency. In this post, we present more than one perspective on this often-discussed topic!


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