The Co-Dependency Dilemma

If you have spent any time on the mental health side of Instagram, you have come across the term co-depdendency. In this post, we present more than one perspective on this often-discussed topic!

How Can I Learn To Trust Myself Again?

Re-building self-trust is VERY possible! It’s also very important: strong sense of self-trust is a foundation and safe place through which we can explore the world and tasks risks. Read to the end for tips on cultivating self-trust!

When Is The Right Time For Therapy?

We get this question all the time: when is the ‘right’ time for therapy? Here’s our two cents: The right time for therapy is whenever you decide to go to therapy. Read till the end for 6 signs it may be time!

How To Advocate For Yourself In Healthcare

Doctors offices are usually where many of us begin our mental health journey. Taking on an active role in your healthcare can even improve health outcomes! Read on to learn how to hold your own in healthcare.


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