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The many hidden faces of domestic and gender-based violence

Violence in relationships is a disorienting and complicated experience, and one that is often difficult to recognize and accept. Experiencing abuse in a relationship is commonly difficult to make sense of and due to the traumatic nature of the experience, victims often struggle to use this term when it comes to describing their own situation.  …

How to know you’re burnt out

In a world where productivity culture is promoted continuously, we often struggle to say no, and tend to take on more than we can handle, despite the rest needed for our minds, bodies, and spirits. Burnout is the outcome of prolonged stress, being overworked, and getting insufficient rest. You’ve probably heard it being used to…

How To Repair A Friendship

In today’s digital age, where life seems to play out in highlight reels and swift judgments, the trend of “cutting people off” and “eliminating negativity” has gained a lot of popularity. A scroll through social media may lead you to believe that ending relationships is the most efficient way to cultivate personal happiness. However, while…

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