Naeema Hashmani

Naeema Hashmani

B.Sc, M.Ed, RP



I am a passionate therapist with over 8 years of counselling, crisis intervention, and case management experience. It is my privilege to support and guide you on your journey as you gain deeper insight into your life and your needs. You may be going through a change or a difficult time in your life, I can help you through it. Self-awareness and self-acceptance lead to growth and balance. Explore. Express. Evolve.

I work within a trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, and diverse framework. Each individual is unique and therefore, I tailor my approach to your needs. Above all, I create a safe space for you to share your thoughts and feelings by offering empathy, compassion, and validation.

This is is your time! You deserve to be healthy, happy, and fulfilled.

“Invest time, attention, and care into yourself. No relationship is more important in your life than the relationship you have with yourself.” [Akiroq Brost]

CRPO Registration: 007258

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