Our Favourite Instagram Art: Aunty Edition

Alright, you already know I’m getting a chappal straight to the face for this one 👇🏽

For those readers scratching their heads thinking why on earth I’m dedicating a post to aunts, let me clarify: an aunty is NOT just your mother or father’s sister. No, an aunty can be ANY middle-aged or older woman you know in the community, related or unrelated.

An aunty is a tier, not an individual

Every young South Asian woman knows that aunties have a special, irreplaceable role in our lives 🥺🥺🥺

For many of us, an aunty was the first person to point out our physical flaws. Acne? A little weight gain? Not enough weight gain? Fear not, an aunty will tell you! When we got older, it was often an aunty who spotted us at the mall when we should have been studying at the library 😮 And then proceeded to tell our parents about it.

Here is the strange thing though. When we were little, those women (whom we call aunties) were not much older than many of us are now. And they also had aunties in their life growing up! I guess this is what they call the circle of life?

The aunty experience is a nearly universal one. However, this generation has a coping mechanism other generations did not: Instagram.

Here is a list of my absolute favourite Aunty-inspired art on Instagram! We’re at the age where we can finally laugh at our childhood and teenage struggles. The work of these incredibly talented artists does that and more. They are putting the South Asian experience (and aesthetic) on the map.

Get ready to laugh at our collective pain!

Artists featured: Maria Qamar (@hatecopy), Saher (@thepakistanimarthastewart), Simmi (@paper.samosa)

1. “But that’s none of my business”

Isn’t it though? This is code for: auntie is about to SPILL the CHAI. You just better hope it’s not about you behen!

2. Sis, Don’t Fall For This!

No, you can’t tell your Urmila aunty. Or Bushra aunty. Or any other aunty.

Also, @paper.samosa did such a fabulous job with these Disney inspired aunties!

3. “When I Was Your Age…”

We all have our time, and everyone experiences milestones differently. The milestones our aunties considered markers for success may not apply to us anymore, or occur in our early 20’s. Leave it to an aunty to make you feel bad about it though 😬

4. Tools Of The Trade: Emotional Blackmail

Are you even the child of an immigrant parent if your mom hasn’t blackmailed you with the prospect of her own death??? Dramatic? Yes. Harmful? Yes. Very common? YES.

5. The Swift Name Change

“Preity” to “Paul”, “Raj” to “Rachel”, “Danish” to “Dania”. In our minds, it would take a solid detective for anyone to figure out the identity of our significant other. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? In almost every case, some aunty, somehow KNEW.

6. The Rishta Aunty

A rishta is a marriage proposal. For those of you who binge-watched Indian Matchmaking on Netflix, you know all about matchmaking, or rishta aunties. If you’re looking to meet someone through a rishta aunty, that’s totally cool. Now, if this isn’t your cup of tea or *gasp* you are already in a relationship…having a rishta aunty ‘looking out’ for you can be a terrifying thing.

Good luck sis.

7. Gup Shup Much?

Gup shup = chit chat

Have you ever been absolutely roasted by your mom and her friends? When aunties get together, they can talk for hours. Low-key, my friends and I better be this chatty and petty when we become aunties.

8. Home Remedies

Tumeric, ginger, and nigella seeds….these were the ingredients to make the perfect little girl!

Honestly, though, the aunties were ON to something here. Point 1 for aunties everywhere!

9. Trust No Aunty

A WHOLE VIBE. Also, please God, let me and my girl gang be at least 80% this hot and a 100% more trustworthy when we become aunties, thank you God.

10. The Aunty Who Has The ‘Perfect’ Son

He can do no wrong! Only right! He is flawless! Everyone else is the problem!

Also, aunty, do you still wash his clothes and make his bed??

We all know a man who is shielded from all forms or self-awareness and self-growth by his own mother 🤦🏽‍♀️

11. This Humbling Realization

Because…the unstoppable passage of time right? 🙃🙃🙃

Wrapping Up

Some things never change right? Unless…what if we learned from our own aunty trauma and strive to be better aunties to the next generation?


We can continue these and tried and true traditions, just to mess with them? You know I’m all for breaking generational cycles but…

Ha, just joking (kind of)

I want to hear from you: What is your BEST aunty story? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time!

Sarah Ahmed


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