34 Relatable Tweets If You’ve Been To Therapy

These past few days I have been binge watching funny videos. You name it, bloopers from my favorite movies, funny pet videos, America’s funniest home videos and all sorts of stuff. It’s pretty awesome how laughter does wonders for your mind and soul!

And we could all use a little laughter and ease in our days.

Continuing with that theme, I wanted to share some hilarious tweets I have seen related to therapy. Many of these have also been shared by my clients, so thank YOU for that!

If you’ve been to therapy before, you know that it’s an experience like no other. It can be uncomfortable, mildly strange and takes some getting used to.

The good thing though, is that lots of people go to therapy – and they’re pretty open about their experiences. Add some humour into the mix, and you end up with some pretty epic tweets.

I’ve combed through Twitter to find some of my personal favorites for you to enjoy. Let’s go!

1. Shout it from the rooftops!

2. Everything is better with confetti

3. I really gotta spring-clean my brain.

4. Bottle it aaaall up.

5. I just want my therapist to think I’m funny, ok?

6. Bangs are definitely the cheaper option, but…

7. Dogs are basically therapists, let’s be real.

8. …what if, though???

9. Anxiety all day, everyday.

10. Hey, if I got my therapist’s permission, I’m good.

11. Way too much guilt.

12. Is there detention if I forget my homework?

13. Am I annoying?

14. This is perfectly normal, right?

15. I’m an open book, I promise!

16. I’m fine, everything is fine!

17. Too scary.

18. *shocked face*

19. “How are you?” is a loaded question.

20. Sleeping is definitely a healthy coping mechanism…right?

21. Beyoncé!!!

22. Hmmm…sounds suspicious.

23. More espresso!!!

24. There is a cure!

25. Whose line is it anyway?

26. Uh, nope, no thank you, we’re not thinking about that.

27. Why do you say that?

28. It’s a talent, tbh.

29. Let’s do a Twitter poll!

30. Signed and dated, please.

31. All therapists are mind-readers, right?

32. Sorry, could you repeat that? A bit louder this time?

33. I never know how to answer this question, tbh.

34. And finally, The Ultimate Therapy Goal.

Wrapping Up

I hope you enjoyed these tweets! Let me know which one was your favorite in the comments. And if you’re feeling a bit left out after reading through this post, why not give therapy a try yourself?

If you’re looking for some additional support, flip me an email, or book an appointment with anyone from my awesome team! You can also book a free phone consult at anytime.

Until next time!

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